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to green energy and bundle your green this presidents' day >> every bride to be knows finding the right dress can be one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. this weekend the brides against breast cancer tour stopped in downtown baltimore with a thousand designer brand name wedding dresses on sale at a huge discounts and is a great sale at a great cause and the tour stops in 100 cities every year and raises an average of $20,000 to $30,000 a show with a huge portion going to the fight against breast cancer. >> 1% of our proceeds -- 71% of our proceeds goes to those impacted by cancer offering free detection and prevention classes or programs. >> if you missed this weekend's show, the next stop on the tour will be richmond, virginia, and that's next weekend. >> in tonight's consumer alert, you probably noticed the prices at the pump are on the way up. triple-a places the national average at $3.69 for a gallon of regular, that is up 11 cents from just last week and 40 cents from a month ago. analysts are blaming the usual culprit, the rising price of oil. the average prices
] can be prime minister explain why the energy bill contains no such commitment and why he is broken that promise? >> i have to say to the honorable gentleman he is completed wrong. the energy bill does exactly what i said in a house. it is legislating to force congress to give people the lowest tariff. >> thank you, mr. speaker. schools -- [shouting] >> i'm sorry to mr. speaker the opposition -- >> order. gift courtesy. there was a collective groan. [laughter] >> notably, notably on the opposition benches, and it's quite inexplicable. i have called for the good doctor. let's hear from the good doctor. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. schools in cambridge have been underfunded for decades by those after government and the previous one. the latest figures show people -- at 600 pounds per pupil per year less than english average. the worst in the entire country. does therime minister agree that this is simply unfair? will you support our school campaign and pledged to end this discrepancy in this parliament? >> primeinister spent i will look carefully at what my honorable friend s
a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. >>> kathie lee and i have a feud going with chelsea handler, and it started when she was supposed to be on her show and she cancelled. she said she was sick allegedly. >> i happened to be in her neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and i went by the studio to find out for myself what the story was. >> what happened? >> let's say i had my way with her. >> any time now. is she here? come in. i'm sorry, you caught me. >> i want to make up with you. >> i was worried about you today. i heard that you canceled "the today show" i heard you have food poisoning. >> that was a lie. >> she was supposed to show up and she didn't. >> cancelled about an hour and a half before the show. >> hit her eye on the shower curtain -- >> allegedly. >> and then later she had food poisoning. >> allegedly. >> i don't have a good reason so to hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford, i'm sorry. >> because of my relationship with you and kodabuh i felt like you would
the get the lowest tariff on the energy bill. that's what we have done. we're having a top rate tax that is lower than any year when he was -- lower -- higher. perhaps he can confirm this because i have an invitation. he is going to make a major speech tomorrow, and i've got the invitation. this is the invitation that's been said that the ed miliband is going to make a major speech on the economy on thursday. it won't have any new policies in at. [laughter] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker, let me tell him, let me tell him, let me tell him, he would be most welcome to attend the speech and he might learn something. [laughter] and every week, and every week that goes by, the evidence mounts against them on the economy. there's a living standards crisis for the many, and all he does is stand up for a few at the top. we've got a feeling prime minister. he's out of touch and he stands up for the wrong people. >> once again we've heard nothing to say about the deficit, nothing to say about welfare, nothing to say about growth. and i was going to make a speech tomorrow which he
health. he does not have the strength or the energy to go forward. now, he will be stepping down on the 28th of february. that is the official day. and really, again, it came as much of a surprise. he did become pope in april of 200 5 after john paul ii passed away. and has been affected by a weak health, but apparently what happened is that he became more unhealthy in the last month because of a degenerative problem in his bones which makes moving around very, very difficult. but he was last seen on the 8th of february and on sunday did once again do his mass vatican. so things appeared quite normal up until ten minutes of 12:00 today when he did announce that he can no longer move forward in his position. >> thank you so much, claudia. i saw the pope speak live in cuba and i gave him a lot of credit. he was staring at raul castro in the front row. and i thought it was very brave to talk about democracy and freedom in a place that so desperately needs it. he's never loved as much as -- i always refer to him as want pablo -- it's a tough act to follow. >> the papacy, according to
and energy to turn regions left behind by globalization into global centers of high-tech jobs. i asked this congress to help create a network of 15 of these hubs and guarantee the next revolution in manufacturing is made right here in america. we can get that done. host: president obama in his speech last night. we are posting your comments on facebook. if you want to post,, go to el facebook -- if you want to post your comments, go to facebook. tim ryan represents the youngstown area, a former manufacturing hub in that state and one that has been hit hard by recession. dakota, salem, oregon, republican. caller: good morning. as a college student very interested in economics, because that is what is helping me to fund my education, i like the policy initiatives that the president laid out in his speech, but that only goes so far. i think the president should do so much more in not doing just lip service. he can talk the talk, but he has to be willing to sit down with the legislators to actually do that. he needs to sit with those actually willing to listen, like stephen. before he and
in education or clean energy are likely to be laid-off. >> the president may touch on immigration reform and climate change. republicans are listening for something specific. >> he wants to join us to affect smarter cuts in spending. >> rand paul will deliver the tea party response. >> we believe you stimulate the economy by reducing taxes. >> florida senator mark rubio. he is rebutting more than just the state of the union. he was claimed the republican savior. he said there was one save your aunt it is not me -- he said and it isone save youior not me. there could be a sign of the rest. there will be two different rebuttals. herman cain and michele bachmann did that last time. >> 5:27. 37 degrees at the airport. the state of the city. >> saving the city from financial ruin is expected to be the topic of the speech. >> we have some snow in the seven-day. >> that rain could create some problems on the roads. we will check >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stoval
. >> we are taking a look at the area roads. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> right now, a death investigation in college park, not far from the university of maryland campus. maryland campus.
flagship store along the waterfront. >> reporter: the energy of under armour hits harbour east an 8,000 square foot store opens saturday. >> it is fantastic the biggest presence of under armour footwear, apparel, accessories any where in the world. >> reporter: the senior vp says the store will be a model for international growth. >> more than a store, a lab for us to learn but something great for harbour east. >> reporter: while some apparent is unique to baltimore their shoes are front and center. an entire half of the store is just for women. >> we are building an amazing women's business and showing commitment to that right when she walks in. >> reporter: adding to the whole store's creative vibe this giant screen made up of 330,000 led lights. with a prime location right along the water, under armour hopes to grain even more international -- gain even more international exposure. >> it further solidifies harbour east as a go to retail destination. >> reporter: the brand house joins a long list of high end retailers who call this their home.
monday morni [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> believe it or not, congress gets off one week for every federal holiday and a month in august. >> this extended holiday for congress is coming at a bad time. >> his had no communication the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. >>> and now a look at your morning road conditions on this presidents' day. expect a slick commute in the pacific northwest. wet highways from detroit all the way to the gulf coast and some blowing snow across northern new england. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in new york, boston, minneapolis, chicago, detroit, st. louis, memphis, houston, and new orleans. >>> and new this morning, a mother's anguish. we're hearing from the mother of reeva steenkamp for the first time since her daughter was
business. it's one of the best places to do business in the country. but i appreciate the energy of rick perry. >> brian: he's got zero taxes in terms of what the state charges. he does have a situation where he feels as though texas has become a magnet for businesses not just from california, but from everywhere, as well as florida. >> california is outpacing job creation in texas. texas has no taxes, like income taxes, but their property taxes that are over two times higher than the state of california. so before everybody gets their moving vans out, consider the property tax impacts. that said, california has more scientist, more engineers, more nobel laureates, more venture capital, more patents emanating from it. it is still an essential place to do business. >> brian: i lived there for a while. you start off with a huge lead to anybody that comes to visit. you got rural, you got urban, you have everything you want and you got this incredible scenery. but you're losing people. look at the unemployment in california. 9.8%. in texas, it's 6.1%. we go on. and talk about other things th
. with this sort of dip right here, we get these pieces of energy to come through. you'll notice the snow showers coming through chicago this morning. this is going to help push a cold front through us late this afternoon and this evening. down across the gulf coast, look at all the rains coming in across the gulf of mexico, through central and southern florida but we're going to worry about the stuff to the north because that's going to change our weather. fir things first. a mild day. still sunshine lunch time but watch what happens toward mid afternoon as the showers move in through the shenandoah valley. crossing the blue ridge, approaching d.c. by 5:00. by 8:00 rain around. we'll see wet flakes mixing in. overnight some snow showers, especially fort and northeast. this should be the area i think along and north of 70 where if you're going to get an inch of snow, that will be the most likely spot starting out with partly sunny conditions tomorrow. there will be snow showers here, potentially a rain shower toward the coast. it's sunday that the coastal areas really have to watch. today some la
-- growth, stability, jobs, energy, financial markets. one of the key issues that's been discussed here, one of the so-called sherpa meetings ahead of the official meeting friday and saturday is about finance, it where are the financial flows and key for finance for infrastructure especially in areas such as asia, as well, which of course is part of the emerging powers. the other g-13 so to speak. with that in mind, imf senior economist for asia pacific joins us. i know you're not here to talk go-20 specifically or currency wars. i'll put that on the table. you are here to talk about infrastructure flows which is absolutely key to a lot of emerging economies in asia, as well. what's the message that you're hearing? what's the message you're giving? >> i think there's an issue in a lot of countries that there are large infrastructure gaps. we see it in advanced economies and in emerging markets of the there's an issue of where funds are going to come from to address gaps. they're questions related to how the funds will be sourced and how they will be intermediated into infrastructure flows an
up at 7:00 on "today in the bay." more local news in 30 minutes. >>> good energy out there. we are back on this saturday, february 16, 2013. it is, four, preside -- of cour president's day weekend. folks on the plaza. happy to have them here. back inside studio 1a, i'm erica hill with lester holt. coming up, you'll see a different side of bee yns yonce. >> she's always been notoriously tight-lip good her private life. in a new documentary she opens up about her family, motherhood, and personal struggles. >> looking forward to. that. >>> the no-nonsense fitness trainer from "the biggest loser." jillian michaels is here to share strategies for staying fit. she'll answer your questions about diet and exercise. >>> then, a bizarre story involving the first woman ever elected as san diego's mayor, maureen o'connor. she says she gambled away more than $1 billion during a ten-year span. it's her reason for doing it that may surprise you. >>> and his name is chris p. bacon. his game -- making people smile. that's how he rolls, literally. there he is in the green room. a pig in a wheelc
recall them and to lead them of energy you can clear your reactive mind and we rely on your rational mind then when you achieve that state you go clear. that book sold millions of copies in hubbard made millions of dollars and lost them as well even lost control of the name dianetics for a time and he decided there is another way. i jumped ahead and then missed a valuable part that you went to j.w. you. his father wanted him to be an engineer and he had another life in mind for himself. president of the gliding club and quite a adventuress character but he didn't finish. he was the miserable student and dropped out after two years although he claims he completed education and civil engineering but he did go on to right to dianetics then he invented the religion scientology. what is it exactly? there is a lot to know about of very eccentric world view and there are many elements in scientology that soundalike science fiction because there were written by someone gave britain something similar. that you are an immortal soul. in you have lived before and you will live again scientology helps
people, and legislating so the get the lowest tariff on the energy bill. that's what we have done. we're having a top rate tax that is lower than any year when he was -- lower -- higher. perhaps he can confirm this because i have an invitation. he is going to make a major speech tomorrow, and i've got the invitation. this is the invitation that's been said that the ed miliband is going to make a major speech on the economy on thursday. it won't have any new policies in at. [laughter] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker, let me tell him, let me tell him, let me tell him, he would be most welcome to attend the speech and he might learn something. [laughter] and every week, and every week that goes by, the evidence mounts against them on the economy. there's a living standards crisis for the many, and all he does is stand up for a few at the top. wee got a feeling prime nister. he's out of touch and he stands upor the wrong people. >> once again we've heard nothing to say about the deficit, nothing to say about welfare, nothing to say about growth. and i was going to make a speec
the lowest tariff on their energy bills. while having a top rate of tax that is higher than any year when he was in the treasury. the right honorable gentleman talks about important political events and speeches, and perhaps he will confirm something. i have here an invitation. he is going to make a major speech tomorrow, and i have the invitation. this is the invitation that has been sent out: "ed miliband is going to make a 'major' speech on the economy on thursday. policieshave any new in it,". >> let me tell the prime minister that he would be most welcome to attend the speech and he might learn something. every week that goes by, evidence mounts against the government on the economy. there is a living standards crisis for the many and all he does is stand up for a few at the top. we have a failing prime minister; he is out of touch, and he stands up for the wrong people. >> once again, the right honorable gentleman has nothing to say about the deficit, nothing to say about welfare, and nothing to say about growth. now he is going to make a speech tomorrow, which he kindly invites me to,
the latest moves in energy and metals, too. sharon epperson at the nymex. >> good morning, carl. gold has not been such a great trade. we're seeing gold prices at a five-week low right now. a lot of technical selling going on, prices below 1650 an ounce. the selling we're seeing the lowest in the average. the volume is then with the lunar new year in asia. and that holiday also creating a lot of lack of liquidity in the marketplace. we're looking as well at the g-7 and what they're going to say about currency devaluations. that is something that is worrisome to traders. overall we've seen the rotation out of gold and into equities. it seems as ubs points out, that a lot of traders don't want to be in this safe haven of gold, they want to be in riskier equities. that's the indication we've been seeing for the last several weeks. we're also watching what's happening in the energy space. a pullback after hitting the yearly highs for brent crude and for refined fuels on friday. the pullback that we're seeing, though, in brent, really not that severe as traders are saying, technically it's sti
the optimism of leaders shaping their own community, the energy of people making their own decisions, the pride of a tribal nation unleashing its own potential. in many ways, my own experience and my tribe's experience reflect not just indian country's advances but our aspirations, that our communities might thrive in a modern, global economy that, our children might achieve their dreams, and today, more than ever, those aspirations are within our reach. thanks to a greater trust between tribal nations and the united states, we're in a moment of real possibility. in president obama and his administration, we have a partner committed to strengthening tribal sovereignty, who believes in our right to determine our own course, who understands what we've always known to be true, that indian nations are best governed by indian people. [applause] this partisanship and partnership extends throughout the federal government, on both sides of the aisle, because indian issues are not partisan issues. the results has had a meaningful, measurable impact on indian people's lives. today, more tribes are managi
and then as the molecules separate and the energy dispates, it just breaks apart. everything is that way, and some -- some systems, it occurs quickly, and others it takes place over a longer period of time. he discovered what's the opposite of that. he studied open systems that have energy flowing into it and through it and out again, and what he fund was that when the flow of energy into an open system increases enough beyond a certain threshold, two things happen, the pattern of the system breaks down, but here's the surprising part, then the system reorganizes itself at a higher level of complexity. the whole feel of complexity, science came from that discovery, and the way we use the word "emergence," the phrase "emergent phenomena" really comes from that discovery so think for a minute about what happened over the last 20 # years with the internet. when bill clinton and i went into the white house in 1993, there were 50 sites on the worldwide web. now there's a trillion of them. look at what happened to newspaper all over the world. dallas part of -- that's part of the breakdown of the old pattern, b
to decompose in the forest naturally. and, of course, i have the energy saver lightbulbs. to change an entire house to energy saver lightbulbs saves as much electricity -- or i should say saves as much carbon in a year as moving to a walkable neighborhood saves in a week. so the whole what can i buy to make myself more sustainable is the wrong discussion. it should be where can i live and how can i live to contribute less. and the answer, again, is the city. this is fundamentally the opposite of the american ethos, you know? from jefferson on. cities are essential to the health and freedom of man. if we continue to pile upon ourselves in cities as they do in europe, we shall take to eating one another as they do there. [laughter] that was jefferson. and that just continued and continued. and it made sense back in the 1700s when we had the whole country to spread out on. but that's not the case now. so it's a longer discussion. all three of these are a longer discussion. but they're all national crises. we have a national economic crisis which is only going to get tougher, we have a national h
, clean energy and education. he'll zero in on the issue of the middle class, advocating for what he described to house democrats last week as a, quote, economy that works for everybody. tomorrow's speech will also focus on immigration, climate change and gun violence, echoing themes from last month's inaugural address. on wednesday, the president will head to asheville, north carolina, to begin a three-state tour to sell his proposals. the post-state of the union presidential barnstorming will also hit atlanta and end out in chicago later in the week. >> so what proposals are we talking about, mike? i mean mark. anybody? >> gun control. >> gun control. >> immigration. >> they're going to love that in north carolina and georgia. >> education. >> i guess we're going to be -- >> nuclear disarmament. less nuclear bombs. >> so he's bringing up nuclear disarmament again. has anybody told him it's not 1987? >> stop. be nice. >> who could be against it? >> i know! but seriously. >> it's just money, though. >> how much money does it save? he is just one man. >> it could save us billions, i t
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-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. >>> welcome back to "morning joe." here with us now from washington, the former speaker of the house and former republican presidential candidate, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, obviously a historian, former and present. >> happy presidents' day. >> give me your list of three greatest presidents. who are the three greatest presidents in u.s. history? >> well, i think you probably have to say washington because he really was the father of the country. lincoln because without him the union probably would have collapsed. and franklin delano roosevelt, who was the leader of the country during the second world war. his 12 years are an extraordinary achievement. >> talk about roosevelt's 12 years. here was a guy that when he was first elected in 1932, a lot of people thought he was a dilettante, he had -- until obviously he was stricken by polio that he might not be deep enough for the job, he might not be up for the job. yet, my mother in rural georgia 12 years later when he died, they thoug
in education, infrastructure and clean energy. >> gun control will still get air time. several lawmakers invited victims of gun vie leans. gabby giffords is joining ron barber who now holds her seat. her husband, mark kelly, will be senator john mccain's guest. they just launched a new tv ad that will follow the president's speech on some channels. >> congress must act. >> president obama will take his statement of the union message on the road later this week. >> wjz and cbs news will bring you live coverage of the state of the union and the republican response tomorrow night beginning at 9:00. >>> the president at the white house this afternoon handed out one of the military's highest honors. he awarded the metal of honor to clinton romatia. he was among about 50 u.s. troops that came under attack by hundreds oh of taliban fighters in 2009. officials say he risked his life to lead overs to safety and recovered the bodies of fallen soldiers. >>> in today's health watch researchers are examining a new pill that may be able to slim down your waistline. it reverses obesity and diabetes. i
. >> and in order to leave the church, you need a certain amount of energy and ability. i think that is courageous. >> reporter: for his part, president obama released a statement saying michelle and i warmly remember our meeting with the holy father in 2009, and i appreciated our work together over the last four years. while can it's true we don't know who will be picked by the college of cardinals to replace him, we know the cardinal whirl will take part in the selection. it's not been announced yet when the college of cardinals will meet in rome, will? >> y in idea about a timeline. how many americans do we know will participate? american cardinals in this vote? >> it's a small number. there are 118 cardinals earn the world under the age of 80 who will be able to take part in this. there are 10 american cardinals and this question of a possibility of an american pope came up a lot today. experts we talked to said when you have a pope stepping down the first time in 600 years, it's impossible to rule anything out. but longtime vatican watchers tell us it's unlikely at best. >> and tom fitzgerald
the machine, but cory booker has energy and momentum in this race. >> chris christie, prohibitive favorite as republican for governor, cory booker as a democrat. the state has a lot of room for personality. >> i think mike and andrea are both right, a clearer path. >> one thing we should say, frank lautenberg deserves a lot of credit for what he did. one of the richest men in america going to the senate, spending most of his time trying to help the poorest people in america. >> first elected in 1982 in new jersey. >> sensational guy. mike allen with a look at the "playbo "playbook." thanks so much. >>> next, newly acquired yankee -- still weird to say this -- kevin youkilis as a yankee, hasn't even taken his first swing, already a little controversy. youk tells the media his heart belongs in boston. >> oh, boy. that's a problem. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're
forms of energy, which is good for the environment. >> rose: a carbon tax. >> some form of carbon tax, federal gas tax is going up a bit. something like that. you can get another few hundred billion a year out of that. that gets you up to 3.5. the last trillion is where the rubber meets the road. i think all of that, maybe dems and republicans wouldn't automatically admit they would be willing to do it but all of that is within the realm of reason. the last trillion is the hard part. because then you're making very tough choices about which specific taxes to raise versus which specific spending cuts. >> rose: what choices would you recommend the country make. >> in my opinion and i do work some with the congressional budget office, although they are nonpartisan, this is just my opinion. i would make four or five big choices. i would, indeed, put up some sort of carbon tax. and for the sake of call all of us and future generation. >> rose: the congress went crazy over cap and trade. >> cap and trade is a crazy thing to doment but also, also, frankly, the world has changed. i mean it's
it more expensive for farmers, manufacturers, energy producers, and many small business owners across the country to manage their unique business risks associated with their day-to-day operations. an end user fix is just one example of the kind of bipartisan actions that we can take to improve the safety and soundness of our financial system without unnecessarily inhibiting economic growth. it's my hope that today's hearing is going to provide us a starting point to address these critical issues and identify the needed reforms that we must undertake. thank you, mr. chairman, again, for holding this hearing. >> thank you. this morning opening statements will be limited to the chairman and ranking member to allow more time for questions from the committee members. i want to remind my colleagues that the record will be open for the next seven days for opening statements and any other materials you'd like to submit. now i would like to introduce our witnesses. the undersecretary for domestic finance of the u.s. depth of the treasury is with us. we also have a member of the board of govern
are going to have to weigh experience and the need for a certain level of energy. >> there's no light, no water. we can't flush. some people were able to shower. >> our promise to our guests is to provide great vacations, and we try very hard to do that all the time. it's obvious in this particular case we did not deliver on that promise. >> every day that dorner is loose, the likelihood of an attack on either a uniformed police officer or a family of a police officer is likely. >> we believe that someone was inside. is still inside there, even though the building burned. >> what was your reaction, sue, when you first heard about this? >> horror, disbelief. i actually got physically ill. i couldn't read anymore for a couple of days. >> westminister is like the oscars of dog shows. it's an honor to be here, whether you win or lose. >> we go through in the course of a week, 100 bails of shavings, and 10,000 doggy poop bags. that's just the minor logistics. >> next year, i hope the show sends you to the westminister dog show, because you all week have been making dog noises, and you've b
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energy. most of the speech will be on so- called pocketbook issues, old and new policies affecting the middle class. how effective will it be on persuading republicans on capitol hill? >> you have a president who wants to have a debate about immigration and guns. he is clearly taking is to a debate about climate and energy.the republicans do not want the focus to shift from the debt. >> the time is 9:11 a.m. and after the state of union address the president will be traveling to three states over three days. he is going to drum up support for his economic and other proposals. he is also pushing for the reform of gun control in immigration laws. he'll be traveling to asheville, n.c. on wednesday, thursday atlanta georgia, and friday's chicago. you much the whole speech, the state of the union address on kron4 is 247 news channel comcast 193. that is tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.. >> speculation that apple's next big thing will be a smart watch. this talk is heating up. we will talk with financial expert rob black coming up when the kron4 morning news continues. >> was today iwatching today'
security of our coming generation. it's how we figure out clean forms of energy, make medical advances that save lives, and ultimately reduce the cost of health care. develop the technologies that defend our country and make our fighting men and women safer and advance our economies. more than half, more than half of economic growth in this country since world war ii has resulted from technological. none of which would've been impossible or almost none of which would've been possible without the basic research funding by the federal government. sometimes this all sounds very theoretical, but we lived every day. let me hold up for you this morning this fetching little iphone. you can't get along without this thing. you all have one in your pocket. or perhaps you're looking at right now and not listening to me. [laughter] which by the way is pretty standard for us professors, so it's not surprising. this device that you have in your pocket and i have in mind, would not exist were it not for federally funded research. let me show you why. the gps that enables your device to guide you to y
in california and, of course, the energy boom in the midwest, in the southeast, some of these manufacturing jobs are coming back. the northeast has got to get their game going, man. >> well, the problem is those that can't afford to move around like that. i think that's why steve's chart indicates why the president's emphasis is where it is. talking about the middle class and the poor who can't run the north dakota or texas. and who have to live with an economy that has really began shrinking for those that were comfortable just a few years ago. and those that have never been in a comfort zone pushed even further down. you've got to stimulate the economy for them. you've got to have jobs. austerity is not the answer. >> i agree with you. here's something we can agree on. cut corporate tax rates. stimulate the economy. >> make fair corporate tax rates. and stimulate the economy with revenue. >> cutting corporate tax rates would have a zero impact on the economy. >> it's not enough. >> i'm sorry to say that, joe. >> i actually was just saying it to poke at the reverend. i was having fun. >> it got
and clean energy and infrastructure, we have a poll from rasmussen that shows this. the consequence of this is that the president's failing to move the country forward. which helps the economy more? more government cuts, 55 percent? more spending? only 36 percent agree with the president. >> the reason he changed from the inaugural address where he never mentioned the economy to the speech which was "about the economy" but was about bigger government and more spending, is because the country has consumed those issues and the issues that he has been talking about, climate change and the others are at the bottom of people's concerns, so the answer is, the president is pushing an agenda, a campaign to defeat the republicans in 2014 and the republicans have no narrative and are sitting there like lumps. we had a real watergate in a response finally. when i say the president failed to move the country forward he failed an opportunity to find common ground. >> the man who was going to unite the america, no red america or blue america this man has doug and i wrote last year is the most div
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